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"I feel happy, I have lost weight, all skin irritations are gone... don't put it off"

"Hi All, I asked Jade if I could write a testimonial/Referral for her website which she pleasantly agreed to let me do, so here it is! To anyone that is currently not feeling 100% every day, make time and go see Jade. When I came to her I was over weight, unhappy, unmotivated, had allot of chest congestion and often had very reactive infected skin which I would regularly take antibiotics for. Looking back, these issues are almost a forgotten memory because after one year, 3 consultations and a detox all these issues have been eliminated. I feel Happy, I have lost weight, all skin irritations are gone, I am motivated and life couldn’t be better. If you are reading this then you are obviously interested, don’t put if off, go and see Jade. Its not hard, the process and the recommendations are there to follow, you can do as little or as much as you want depending on how much you want to make positive changes in your life. I never followed everything that was recommended but kept working towards the overall goal while being guided by Jade and I now feel Great! I look forward to how I feel 12 months from now!"
- David, NSW

“Loving what I’m receiving”

“Thank you Jade Ragunathan & Fleur- loving what I’m receiving from you both. Seeing good results from following Jade’s wisdom. Thank you so much.”
- Anonymous, Gold Coast

"Because of these changes I made in my life I am now all the more healthier and happier"

"Getting my first Ayurveda consultation with Jade shaped my future path. I was suffering with congestion of Ears, Nose and Throat for nearly 5 years when I first decided to consult with Jade. My first few years with this condition was bad enough, as the time went on this became really unbearable. At times I could not breathe at all. Days when my breathing passages were totally blocked, I suffered extreme discomfort and through this lack of energy, concentration and being very down. I had to continuously use inhaler pumps and other drugs to help open my passage way to be able to breathe for short periods. I was frightened of not being able to breathe at all. I felt like I needed to pork a Knife or a Metal Coat Hanger thorough my Nasal passage or throat to be able to breathe.

The fifth year before my consultation with Jade here I visited Sri Lanka, UK, Canada and my close friend in South Africa. During these visits I continued to suffer and endure stress I did not enjoy the trip. My family and friend took me to many Doctors and Health facilities. All sorts of Tests were carried out, to no avail. I tried so many Medication and Remedies in all 5 continents that year - Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia. The best the Doctors could up with was that I may be suffering from a mild form of Sinusitis and I needed to use a Respirator Pump during the attacks. If it was Sinus it wasn't mild and the attacks for continuous and permanent.

Jade's recommendations were steps by steps, made uniquely for me based on My Body, Mind and Soul. This made me understand that we are all different individuals with different Body make ups and Life Source and the only way we can keep in good health is by understanding this first and foremost, then working according to our own Body, Mind and Soul requirement. What works for others doesn't necessarily work for you....... and I came to this realization very quickly through understanding this ancient health System of Ayurveda. I had belief and understanding of this already but Jade made it clearer and easier make the change.

Jade recommended a full life style plan I needed to follow. Although I did not follow all of the Protocol, the changes I did make in my life has certainly made a Huge difference in me for the better. I now wake up in the mornings to Meditation and Yoga, first Drink I have is Ayurvedic "Brahmi" Tea, I don't smoke or Drink Alcohol, I have stopped eating meat. Because of these changes I made in my life I am now all the healthier and Happier. By the way I am also almost totally cured of my condition I originally consulted Jade to help me with. Now at worst I may sneeze a couple of times on a cold day, that's all.
It would be hard to find words worthy of praise to fully describe Jade and the Impact she has had on my life. Thank you sincerely Jade."
- Victor, Eagle Heights.

“A wonderful way to be healthy, supported, advised”

“I enjoyed a practitioner consultation yesterday. A wonderful way to be healthy, supported, advised”
- Kathryn Fennel, Gold Coast

"Subtle lifestyle changes has done wonders for my overall health"

"My first consultation with Jade, I felt at ease with her friendly and gentle manner. I came to see Jade for cleansing of the liver and to improve digestion, my symptoms were feeling tired, bloated and constipation. Jade's advice was lifestyle changes for balance; a daily intake of Triphala to cleanse the organs, that has stopped the bloating and constipation and I enjoy a herbal Brahmi tea every morning to start the day with a clear mind. The right foods and veggies are like natural medicines to balance my bodytype (dosa) and with subtle lifestyle changes has done wonders for my overall health and well being, I stay away from heavy foods and feel lighter and energetic. Thank you Jade for showing me the pathway to health. I look forward to our follow up visit."
- Carmel, Gold Coast

“I wanted to say thank you for your excellent health advice”

“Hi Jade- I wanted to say thank you for your excellent health advice. I haven’t been drinking and doing your trick of “I’ve got one” when people ask me and feeling SO much better & energetic.”
- Anonymous Female, Gold Coast.

"All the Ayurvedic medicines and products I used, surprisingly worked as fast for me as the western medications did... with the added bonus they are natural and good for you!"

"I have been following the Ayurvedic protocol given to me now for 2 years, and my health and happiness has improved so much. I came to Ayurveda with frequent urinary tract infections, severe allergies and sinus, asthma, anxiety, mood swings, brain fog, very irregular periods, a low immune system, thinning hair and low iron. 2 years later I would say 96% of these issues have now banished, my periods are regular to the day, I have very good iron levels without supplements, I don’t suffer from allergies, I have dramatically reduced my asthma and I would say I do not experience any of the other problems now such as UTIs and anxiety. When I did suffer from them, Ayurveda showed me how to attend to them naturally and get rid of it very quickly without the use of any western drugs. I can honestly vow for the Ayurvedic pharmaceuticals too, for all the conditions including other acute ones such as skin infections, conjunctivitis, UTI, burns, sprains & ankle swellings, colds and flu, all the Ayurvedic medicines and products I have used, surprisingly worked as fast for me as the western medications and products did… with the added bonus they are actually natural and good for you! Additionally, & un-expectantly a bony growth on my finger which the GP recommended me get surgically removed just disappeared! I have more energy, thick hair now ;) but most of all I am so much more content and understanding of life which reaches out to all my relationships, thanks to Ayurveda. It took time and it took some commitment to the Ayurvedic protocol, but I can say it can be done!"
- Maree, Fingal Heads.

"I noticed an incredible improvement... It also improved my overall well being."

"I am writing to thank you for suggesting I take prana powder when I was suffering from a bad case of tonsillitis and flu. I was suffering from it for about 2 days and it did not improve until I took the power on the third day. After having it throughout the day I noticed an incredible improvement. My throat had been swollen and really sore. The soreness ceased and the swelling went down. It also improved my overall well being."
- Anne, Brisbane

“I have now given up drugs”

“I just want to say what a lovely experience it was to have a diet & lifestyle consultation & feel so much support and not be judged at all. I have now given up drugs and really do feel so much more contentment and clarity. Thank you.”
- Anonymous female, Gold Coast.

“Its incredible”

“After the consultation, I feel like a completely new person! Its incredible”
- Anonymous female, Byron Bay.

“I could not believe the results I have felt after the consultation”

“I had been suffering from severe arthritis for over 20 years now and have been in a lot of pain for so long. I could not believe the results I have felt after the consultation. The pain has considerably gone down and in quite a short time too. I look forward to seeing even more with the next consultation.”
- Anonymous female, Byron Bay.

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