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We know prescribing pharmaceuticals after pharmaceuticals and not treating the cause is not the path to true healing.


We are here to revolutionise the way we treat health, using classical Ayurveda in everyday households.

We want others to experience health transformation and joy naturally, as we have, with classical Ayurveda.

It’s time to heal and live in true balance.

We want to empower you, at home, to take back your health and learn the timeless tools of empowerment.

Experiencing and observing Ayurveda’s massive positive impact on people we genuinely want to share it with others. We believe it should be made freely available for others to use, learn and flourish with.

Ayurveda is a lifestyle and we hope you enjoy the journey and hope you learn, live and experience the amazing benefits of Classical Ayurveda.




Thank you so much for reading and wanting to be apart of more.

I am a mother-of-two and a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner with a true passion for helping women live out their true potentials and to thrive with their families, NATURALLY. Since becoming a mother I’ve been putting my heart and soul into Peace Mumma, helping mums and bubs find a simpler, healthier, more peaceful way of life with Ayurveda. Peace Mumma was born when my friend, a fellow mum and yoga practitioner with a special interest in mum and baby yoga came to me with an idea to help other mothers. I had experienced such a joyful, healthy, peaceful experience of motherhood using Ayurveda and yoga ¬so we had the idea to combine our knowledge and help others during this pivotal time.

I previously worked at the Ayurveda College and associated clinic Byron Ayurveda Centre, after completing an Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda. I worked alongside other Ayurvedic practitioners tending to clients through health consultations, classical therapies and providing advice to the public. I also qualified as a trainer and assessor and conducted Ayurvedic tutoring and training, lectures and assessments on students completing their qualification. I then started my own clinic where I intimately assisted many people to achieve better health through Ayurvedic services and ongoing support, which continued to grow organically through referrals and word of mouth. I have done state-wide project work in public health, working on improving health at a population level, and also have a Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Public Health, with excellence (top five per cent of graduates), and was awarded a scholarship on merit. I considered becoming a medical doctor but with support from my mother, I decided to follow my inner-calling to learn and practice classical Ayurveda, after experiencing its profound healing abilities for myself and learning these timeless principals that work on such a deep level for real health transformation.

I found that my health and inner happiness benefited so much living the Ayurvedic lifestyle while living within a modern society, I wanted to continue to help others experience the same benefits and bring it to the 'mainstream' and with the expansion of the yoga, meditation and all other health sciences, where I see it is needed the most and lies my role in this world.

I have conducted Ayurvedic seminars and workshops, community events, yoga retreats and vegetarian cooking classes ¬ all to provide an effective alternative to harsh pharmaceuticals that mask the problems in the body. My health and inner happiness have been transformed by living an Ayurvedic lifestyle in a modern society, and my aim with Living Ayur is to bring it to the 'mainstream' where it is needed the most.

Along side with my personal assistance via online consultation, I am soon to release 2 more online programs to keep assisting and guiding women to learn and understand about themselves, find true confidence, love and health in their lives and for their families.

Here we will expand on yoga, meditation, health science and Ayurveda so you can transform your health, mind and entire life.





I am a passionate and full time yoga teacher and therapist who lives and breathes Yoga!

Forever grateful to the nurturing practices of Ayurveda and the stability of a regular yoga practice, these beautiful sciences have brought health, balance, vitality and focus to my life. I would love to share my passion for yoga, yoga therapy and yoga philosophy with you to settle your mind and open your heart so all your action can be for peace and contentment.

I was introduced to yoga in 2008 whilst living in the Pacific Islands and fell in love with this ancient and practical science. I completed my first 320hr teacher training with Yogi Nomad in Nepal 2012.  Inspired by my teachers, I went on to complete a Certificate 4 Lifestyle Consultant with Ayurveda College in Byron Bay in 2014 and Thai Massage level 5 with Thai Massage School of Chaing Mai in 2013.  In 2015 I completed a three year Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy (Yoga Therapy Australia) with Dr N Chandrasekaran from Yoga Vaidya Sala, Chennai, India.

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I am a teacher of Hatha Yoga. What I love about Yoga and Ayurveda is the transformation you feel! Yoga and Ayurveda peeled back the layers to opened my spirit to heal. During the time of the transformation and healing, I had to face emotions that were deeply buried in my unconscious. I new that I had to experience this discomfort and stay true to my path. I now look back at this time as the most powerful and profound time in my life.

My goal is to educate others on the simplicity and practicality of Ayurveda and Yoga. I would love for others to have their own story of how the benefits of these two ancient healing practices have enriched their lives, and in turn, inspiring many more people to begin their journey to wellness.

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We are compassionate of all others hard ships & suffering & do our best to understand.


We live classical Ayurveda and Yoga to its full, more and more.


We create the perfect spaces for people to flourish to self empowerment, growth and health.


We will encourage others over and over until need be. We have faith in every single person’s true potential and we don’t doubt anyone’s possibility.


We have a culture of transparency, we communicate freely and well and really listen.


We are forth coming with being 100% uniquely ourselves. We work with our strengths and the strengths of others. We accept and love all others just as they are.


We do our best to assist others in pursuing health and peace. We connect to our intention to serve and do what’s best for the others wellbeing in every situation.

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